What did you learn in school today?


H: 16 in  W: 20 in  D: 15 in 

How many school shootings do our children need to endure before we adults do something to put an end to the tragedies?  It seems that every school shooting triggers a public outcry and a call for a solution. Then, the first time someone mentions gun control, the conversation comes to a full halt.  We have to learn that guns are so deeply ingrained in our American heritage that, for the time being, gun control cannot be part of the solution to school shootings.  We need to discuss and pursue other means and options, or this needless, tragic slaughter will continue. 
The names engraved on the base of the sculpture are schools where there were “mass shootings”, i.e., more than four students/teachers were killed.  2020 was the 50th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre.  Sadly, there have been two more mass school shootings since this sculpture was completed – Oxford High School and Robb Elementary School. Sculpted of Oregon broadleaf maple.  Finished with wood bleach, aniline dyes, enamel, and acrylic polyurethane.

$ 5,200