H:21 in W: 14 in  H: 10 in

When the BLM protests and riots began again this past year, I was again appalled by the inability of the police to control their bad actors.  I came to see rioting as a valid tool—one among many--to be used in the battle on practices that should have been put down decades ago.
The picket sign between the rioter’s feet says “A riot is the language of the unheard”—a quote from Martin Luther King.  I think that says it all.  We have to hear the pain and frustration of the unheard, whether they’re university students in France, food rioters in Greece, activists in Hong Kong, or, God save us, invaders of the US capital. Their grievances need to be heard, and dealt with, if we’re going to be reconciled. 
The sculpture is Indian rosewood on a walnut base.  Finished with aniline dye, pyrography and acrylic polyurethane.