the scars we hide


H: 18 in  W: 11 in  D: 10 in 

Gender-based violence (GBV) against women and girls is not just a Third-World problem.  On an average day, American women and girls are victims of:
3 murders by life partners,
600 violent assaults and rapes outside their homes,
over 13,000 violent assaults and rapes by life partners and family members,
and untold sexual trafficking.
One in twenty American women has been raped, and one in three has been violently assaulted. 
Of all the words I’ve read about GBV, the most disturbing, again and again, are these; “The majority of cases are not reported”:
because of fear,
because of stigma,
because they don’t believe anyone will help. 
In the U.S., we have a time-honored culture of silence about GBV.  Victims hide their soul-crushing scars, and the violence and trauma are not addressed.  GBV is a wide-spread defect in our national character and should not be tolerated in silence.  Sculpted from locally harvested pecan on a myrtle base.  Finished with wood bleach, aniline dyes, colored pencil, and acrylic polyurethane.

$ 6,000