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17 in  W: 18  D: 13 in

The good, self-sacrificing people who spent their lives in scrubs and surgical gowns are the heroes of this century.  They never faltered as they worked themselves to exhaustion caring for us.  They seem to be too kind and too gentle to say what needs to be said; so I’ll say it for them. 

We were all told that avoiding crowds, wearing masks in public, and getting vaccinated would slow the spread of Covid-19 and save lives. Many protested that wearing masks infringed on their space, and that partying and going to rallies was their right.  One third of us still refuse to be vaccinated

To date, over a million Americans have died from Covid-19. 

​Sculpted from pecan, English sycamore and brass.  Finished with aniline dye and acrylic polyurethane.

$6,000   SOLD